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Our vision at This Business of Art is to inspire and empower as many artists from around the world to build successful businesses. Created by artist Hannah Blackmore, and based on experience of working in the art industry for 20 years. At This Business of Art, we are passionate about helping artists succeed!

What We Offer

The Artist Roadmap

An online course for beginners. If you are a new artist and ready to set up a business around your art, then this course is for you.


A membership program for established artists, to offer ongoing support as you grow your business.


Both The Artist Roadmap and Create have a private Facebook community of artists. Let's support each other!

My Vision for Artists


Welcome to This Business of Art!

Hannah Blackmore

Creator of This Business of Art

"I am a landscape painter with a degree in Fine Art. I enjoyed art school but found it didn't provide me with any real business knowledge, and I was left looking for other work to support my painting career. I am now working full-time as a professional artist and have created the resources I wish I'd had when I graduated. Every artist needs this!"



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