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2020 Artist Review


Before we all take a break for Christmas, grab yourself a coffee and a journal, and spend some time thinking about how the last twelve months have gone. It's been a difficult year for many, with shows and events getting cancelled, forcing artists to approach their businesses in completely different ways. However, there are silver linings to be found when we look for them, many artists who turned it around and had their best year ever, and lots of lessons to take with us into 2021!


  • Write down three things you achieved in your art business this year.
  • Write down three things that could have gone better. Can you try again next year? Keep working on them.
  • Did you change your direction this year? What did you do?
  • Write down three things you learnt about yourself and your business this year.
  • Write down three main goals you'd like to achieve next year.
  • Take a moment to visualise how you will feel when you achieve them.
  • Break them down into steps. What is the first things you will start working on in January?
  • Take some time off and take care of yourself. Next year will be a big year for This Business of Art, and I can't wait to share it with you!


Congratulations on being part of This Business of Art community. It shows you are serious about your art and want to learn how to build a business around it. We are cheering you on!


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