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3 Apps I use for Instagram

camera and computer and phone

Instagram can be used as a marketing tool and business card for artists. It is easy to set up a free business account and upload photos of you and your work, creating an up-to-date record of your journey as an artist.

It is a great place to direct potential customers to see more of your work. Here are three apps I use to create a consistent Instagram following:


Instagram - I use the app and upload photos I have taken directly from my iPhone. I keep a list of relevant hashtags in the note section of my phone and then copy and paste them in, adding a few specific ones each time. I  create my posts using the following two apps. Both have a great free version.


Canva - for quotes and adding text to an image, this is a great graphic design tool for those who don’t have a background in graphic design. You can select the correct size template, upload your own photos or choose from the library of images provided, add text (your website) or icons and download ready for use. You can also now post them directly to instagram from Canva, and schedule in advance.


Instasize - I love this app, and use it for adding a white border to my posts, editing my photos - sometimes adding a filter and cropping them. I then keep them in a folder on my phone, so that they are ready to be posted daily.


You can use post scheduling tools like Buffer, Later and Planoly if you want to schedule them in advance, however, I prefer to choose my posts for the week and enjoy posting them organically myself every day. Canva also lets you schedule your posts and post directly from their platform which makes life easier if you prefer to do this in advance.

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