5 Blogging Tips For Artists

If you're thinking about starting an artist blog, or have one which needs updating, then get inspired with these tips below. Having a blog can be beneficial for artists, as it lets people get to know you and learn more about your process and how you make your work. You can also share anything that inspires you and show behind the scenes of your business. This helps people get to know you, like you and trust you. Think about who you are writing for and why.

Having a blog on your website can also help your Google ranking, as Google will see that fresh content is being added to your site regularly. This is a good thing!

1. Choose the right platform. Depending on your website set up, you may have a built-in blog which is easy to implement. Wix and Squarespace include a blog, and Wordpress make it easy to add one. Ideally it needs to be linked to your website and easy to access.

2. Share a variety of content. Think about all the different types of content you might want to share. Behind the scenes, exhibition reviews, news, sharing your process or works in progress, what inspires you, your art story...the list is endless!

3. Be consistent. How often you post is really up to you, the main thing is to be consistent here. Whether you decided to publish once a week or once a month, try and stick to it.

4. Write with passion. There are a lot of blogs out there! You need to write about a subject that you are super passionate about, and hopefully that's how you feel about your art. What makes you stand out in a crowd? Write about that.

5. Don't forget to market it! After going to the trouble of writing a blog, it is important to now share it. You can add a link to your newsletter, post about it on social media and create a blog graphic for Pinterest to help drive traffic back to your website.


I hope that inspires you to get creating!



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