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Are You Passionate About Your Art?

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Making art is a different experience for every artist, and we all make art for different reasons. For some, it is a hobby. A way to unwind at the weekend after a busy week at work. Some turn that hobby into a side business, which brings in a bit of money to top up their main income.

Others know they want to make a career out of their art, and do it full-time if they can. It then becomes a business, and some business skills need to be acquired in order to make this happen. A healthy mixture of passion and obsession goes into making this a reality, for those artists who want it badly enough.

I am one of those artists. While I had other jobs and passions along the way, if I am true to myself, I can see that it was always art in my heart. I did well at school in most academic subjects - they didn't come easily but I knew how to work hard. It was amazing how many of my teachers tried to steer me away from going into a creative career in turn for something more academic instead. But I knew what would make me happiest, and headed off to art school with a smile on my face and no money in the bank.

Studying business alongside my art would have given me much more of a chance in the early days, and made it easier to work out how to earn money from my art, however, I worked it out for myself over time, and finally got to the place where I could support myself financially.

If your art is your passion, and an important part of your life, then I urge you to find a permanent place for it. Whether it's alongside a job or even another career, if it is important to you then please find time for it. Life is way too short to live a life not completely true to yourself. Art is such a fulfilling way to spend your time, and although it's not easy at times, I feel like I am on the right track and doing what I am meant to do with my life. Maybe you feel the same way too, and my mission now is to support you, and make it easier for artists to realise their dreams.

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