Donating Artwork


You may have noticed that a lot of artists have been donating artwork to raise money for Bush Fire Relief here in Australia recently. While this is a generous way to raise much-needed funds and give back, it's important to note a few things when donating artwork.


Nonprofits and charity organisations often look to artists and other creatives to donate artwork for silent auctions and events.


It is up to you to decide if this is a cause you want to support, and it's also important to consider if it is in alignment to your vision as an artist. For example, an animal portrait artist might want to support a wildlife charity of dogs home. You might feel it's not the right time to be giving away your work, which is okay, but if you decide the time is right to give something back, then consider the following:


The item you choose to donate should be something you're excited about and brings you pride. Your selection will be a representation to all those attending about your quality of work and generosity.


Art is your work and livelihood, so make sure that charitable giving is a sensible proposition for your business.


Over the last few weeks, I auctioned a koala painting then donated the money to WIRES wildlife rescue, and I've also donated some prints to raise money for Bush Fire Relief. I am also an official fundraiser for the Save The Tasmanian Devil Appeal, and have support a couple of cancer charities with painting donations over the years too.


I feel this is a win-win situation for both the artist and the charity - the charity receives funds and the artist gains exposure and fulfilment. 


Above all, know that you’re giving back to something you care about and take pride in knowing that you’re making a difference.



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