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My advice to artists starting out is to always buy the best art supplies you can afford. Someone once told me that, and ever since, my materials have improved as my income has grown. I didn't need the best paints or linen canvases when I was just beginning and going through my 'experimental' phase, but as my work started to sell, I upped my game and invested in both myself and my materials.

I have learnt the hard way a couple of times, when canvases started to warp or unravel in places, work got damaged and paint didn't do what I wanted it to. But I did learn from these mistakes and as soon as I could afford to buy better, I did.

While I was at art school, practicing art was the most important focus, so we painted on anything we could find. I remember there was nothing more exciting than a full skip outside a house or building site. We would dive in and look for bits of wood or plaster board, anything we could paint on! I went through a phase of painting on large pieces of thin wood as I loved the surface, and didn't start painting on canvas until much later in my career.

There was no point in me having the best quality supplies at that stage, as most of that art ended up in the bin anyway. But I had to go through that to get to where I am now. Not being able to afford supplies is no excuse as there are always ways around that, unless your art involves a lot of expensive equipment, but in that case, you may be able to rent it or learn with someone else. There's always a way if you look for it.

I still think this is a great piece of advice and your art will be better as a result. Invest in yourself and believe in yourself. Don't skimp on your tools, you are an artist and your job is to make the best art you can.




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