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Create A Mindset For Success

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Having the right mindset is an integral part of being a professional artist. It is something you can develop over time, and you will find you gain more confidence as you go along. You need a certain amount of mental strength, and it is essential to believe in yourself along the way. There will be times of self-doubt for sure, (all artists experience this throughout their careers, especially the good ones), but deep down you know you have what it takes to make a difference to the world.

Here I will share some tips and advice on how you can develop a successful mindset. 



Art is created from the heart. 

Fear is created from the mind.

Love and fear cannot operate at the same time. The human body is not capable of it.

Fear cripples your creativity. 

When in fear, you freeze up. 

Love frees your creativity. 

When you are free, creation flows easily through you.

Remember the feeling of being in love? That glorious sensation of floating on clouds and feeling like nothing else exists. We can easily tap into this feeling when we listen to an uplifting song that reminds us of a great time from our past. This is the feeling of creation.

If fear of not being successful is keeping you from creating art, then you have to change your desired result.  

To get you back on the path of creating joyfully, set your goal to enjoying the process of creating.  

Don’t create art with the worry of how you’ll sell it. 

Temporarily drop the goal of being successful with art. 

Replace it with the joy of creation. 

Turn up your music and create!


Over time you will become used to the joyful rhythm of creating. Once you have accomplished this, then you can start thinking about the business aspect of your work.

However, for now, if fear of creating is a big problem for you, drop the thinking part and produce from the heart, with no expectations other than to enjoy it. Allow mistakes to happen and laugh at them because it won’t matter. In other words, have fun!

Fear affects all artists, some of the time, no matter what stage of their career they are. It creeps in, and pressure from the result takes away the joy of creating momentarily.

Try to bring yourself back to the present. Take a moment. If you are a painter, then watch the paint touch the canvas. Think about colour and process and enjoying the act of painting. Paint for love and paint for the sheer fun of it. Let go of expectations and create. This is the place where fear is not welcome and cannot exist if there is pleasure.



  • If this is an area you struggle with, then you might have to take some time with this. Do something fun to get yourself into a joyful mindset, such as listening to music that lifts your spirits, or playing with your children or pet. Then create some art just for the sheer joy of it, with no expectations of what it will look like finished.
  • Write down five positive statements about the work you do as an artist and read these daily, ideally first thing in the morning.
  • Start collecting testimonials from people who have enjoyed your work. This may be in the form of comments on Facebook or Instagram, or any positive feedback you receive. Keep these in a document on your computer and refer back to them when you are having a difficult day. I do this myself and find it really helps!

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