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How Do I Explain Becoming An Artist To My Friends And Family?



If you are lucky, your family will be supportive and behind you all the way, but I get that this might not always be the case. Many people still buy into the ‘starving artist’ myth and think that you will live a life of finance poverty if you choose this path. Other people don’t understand how artists make money and think it is not a ‘proper job’.


These objections are usually coming from a place of love or genuine concern, so rather than feeling defensive and reactive, think about how you can explain what you do and give examples of successful artists you know.


If you have a business plan and a few goals set out, people are much more likely to take you seriously. If pursuing your journey is important enough to you, then hopefully they will see that, and if not, then be patient - your actions will speak louder than words. 


Don’t get to the end of your life and regret now giving it a go.




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