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How To Collect Testimonials

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The true measure of your business is not what you say about it, it is what other people say about it.

Testimonials lower the risk or fear factor to making a decision. They can help your customers overcome objections, and improve their chances of buying.

Testimonials offer social proof from others. We are more likely to buy from someone we know and trust, and getting this feedback from other people, even strangers, can help us to decide.

There are different ways to collect testimonials for your art business, the best time is when a customer has just received their artwork and is very happy with it! You can send them an email and ask for feedback on their experience. Most people are happy to do this, especially if you call it feedback at this stage.

You can also direct them towards your Google My Business page, and send them a link to review. This will be seen by other people visiting your page and is a great tool for businesses.


Feedback (Testimonial) Template

"Hi Joe, thanks for purchasing (name of painting or product). By now, I hope you've had a chance to enjoy it. I'd really love to get your feedback about your experience in working with me. Would you mind answering these 4 simple questions? It would really help me a lot..."

1. Please share how you found me.

2. Initially what were your concerns and why did you choose to purchase from me?

3. What specific benefits have you received from your artwork?

4. Who would you recommend my artwork to and why?


 Then follow up with:

"Hi Joe, thank you so much for your honest answers. I really appreciate the support! I'd love to use your feedback on my website. To save you time, I have summarised your four answers into one paragraph and pasted it below. Please have a read and reply back saying you are happy with it. If you'd like to modify/enhance it, please feel free. Would you mind also posting it onto Google reviews? Thanks so much."


Then, take quote or highlight from what they have said to make a heading. Attach it to their customer notes.



  • Add them to your website
  • Put them into your social media posts
  • Add them to other marketing materials
  • Add them to your email signature and rotate
  • Put them on the back of business cards


Set up a Google alert for your business name or personal name so you know when reviews are posted on Google. Remember to say thank you and consider sending a little gift (card or small discount).




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