The Artist Roadmap

How To Handle Rejection

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Learning to deal with disappointment is an important skill to develop as an artist, as there will be times when your work is rejected for various reasons. All creative people experience this throughout their careers, and how you handle it defines your likelihood of reaching future success.

First, you need to remember that it is not you that is being rejected, just something you created. You can create more. Learning to be resilient and understanding this is all part of the process will help you get through and keep going.

Getting a negative comment about your work or not getting accepted by a gallery or art show can really hurt at first. I know, I have been there. Our work is so personal that it is hard not to let it get to us. The disappointment can be overwhelming at first, however I encourage you to think of the 'no' as a 'not yet'.

When it comes to rejection, there are three main things to remember:

  1. It doesn't mean they don't like you.
  2. It doesn't mean they don't like your work.
  3. It doesn't mean you should give up.

What could you do to improve your work and get a better chance of being accepted next time round?

What support do you have to share your sorrows and get some positive feedback and encouragement?

If you ask any successful person how many times they've been rejected on their journey to where they are now, I can assure you there will be plenty of stories to tell!

Don't let rejection stop you. Let it motivate you and make you stronger. You've got this.




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