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How To Create Content For Your Art Business

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There is a certain amount of content we need to regularly produce for our art businesses. This may be blog posts, social media posts and newsletters. Rather than spending time creating these each week, why not put aside a day or two at the beginning of each month, and get it all done in one go!

Content planning days make batch-creating your content so much easier, so that you never get stuck wondering what to post! By getting organised with your content planning, you can plan out all your content without feeling overwhelmed. Source ideas for content that supports your overall annual goals and set yourself to batch-create your content in no time with these tips below.


Action Steps

  • Start by gathering your ideas into an ideas folder and make a note whenever a content idea comes to you. Keep this on you phone so you always have it with you, pocket is a great tool for this.
  • Before you have your content planning day, do some prep work, by asking your audience what type of content they would like to see. Have a think about the subjects for your blog posts and what you will share in your newsletter.
  • On your content planning day, make sure you get into the right frame of mind for creativity. Create an inspiring environment for yourself!
  • Look through responses, comments on social media and search for popular/trending content in your industry and in general.
  • Keeping your audience in mind, and think about how you can best serve them through your content.
  • Compile the compelling stories (personal, from clients or other) you could share in this content creation batch that also align with your overall vision.
  • Get clear on how many pieces of content you will create and using your ideas and research, plan out what needs to be done to complete each piece.
  • You can take quotes from blog posts for your social media, so you don't have to create separate content for that.
  • Use a tool like Canva to create your graphics and posts for Pinterest if you are using this. Share your art and talk about it.
  • Then use a tool like Trello to organise what will be posted and when.

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