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How To Resize Your Images


There are a few reasons why you may need to resize your images. The main one is that photos taken with your iPhone or camera tend to be quite large in size, so need to be reduced before going onto your website. Website images are only seen on a small screen so don't need to be too large or high in resolution, also large images take a long time to load and can slow your website speed down.

Photos for social media are fine at any size, but it is important to make sure your website loads quickly because people don't have a long attention span these days!

I use a tool called PicResize which is free and easy to use, which I have demonstrated in the video above. You can also use it to crop, and edit your photos to make them look their best.

You can upload multiple images and resize them, then download them in a zip file. Make sure you rename your images clearly, so that you know which ones are suitable for website use.

There are also many apps you can get to resize images on your iPhone - I sometimes use Resizer before uploading them to my website or airdropping to my MacBook.

It's good to have a folder with images of different sizes of your work in. Images for website, portfolio, social media etc. If you get into the habit of photographing and creating images of your work as soon as it's complete, you'll always have the right sized image you are looking for.




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