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My Top Marketing Tip

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Today I want to share my top marketing tip with you. As artists growing a business, there is a pressure on us to increase our exposure online and try and be everywhere. I want to share a secret with you:

You don't have to be everywhere!

Choose one primary platform you enjoy using (for me it's Instagram), and either focus solely on that, or choose another one to accompany it. I still believe there is value in having a Facebook business page, as a lot of my customers use Facebook more than Instagram; but this, along with Pinterest, sums up my social media marketing!

If you pour your energy into one platform, and learn everything you can about it, you will grow your audience faster and start seeing results.

When it comes to choosing the best medium for your marketing, ignore what other people are doing and find the medium that works for your personality. You have to honour your strengths and give yourself permission not to follow the latest fad or what you feel you 'should' do.

I’m an introvert, so too much networking or speaking is draining for me, but I love making short videos when I’m in the mood.

If you love writing, do that. If you hate being on camera, don't worry about it right now. You have permission to find the path of least resistance, regardless of what other people are doing. Whatever you choose, just be consistent with it! That's the key to effective marketing.

Ideally, aim to have five different ways to market your art.

You don't need to be doing all these straight away, but it's good to create a plan around ideas that appeal to you and you'd like to try one day.

Start implementing one or two, and give them a good three months trial.

Then review them and assess whether they are working for you or not before you decide to continue.

Marketing involves a lot of testing and measuring!

There are many ways to market your art for free, through social media and by creating useful and interesting content that your ideal audience will enjoy.

Market your work offline by becoming part of your local art scene.

Know yourself, know your strengths, and do what you enjoy.




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