The Artist Roadmap

Not All Art Is Equal


When it comes to selling your art, it is important to remember that not all art is equal.

There is no art in the world that appeals to everyone.

And that's the beauty of it, we all have different opinions, likes and dislikes, and tastes when it comes to art. 

However, there is some art in the world that appeals to a lot of people. Popular art that has a wide appeal, and sells easily. I think landscapes will always be popular, and we will always paint ourselves and animals.

Then there is some art that appeals to some people. It starts to move into niches and away from popular appeal, although appeals to a very specific group of people. While this art is initially harder to sell, once the right people get to know about it, they tend to be loyal and love it with a passion.

And that niche can get more and more specific with other types of art, as it moves further away from conformity, and relies on attracting a very specific target market. This art is very hard to sell until that audience is discovered.

There is no art in the world that appeals to no one.


Thinks about your art and where it sits on the spectrum. I am a landscape and seascape painter, so my art has wide appeal to many people, making it relatively easy to communicate, market and sell. Is your art more specific to a particular niche? The more specific your work is, the more work you will have to do initially through marketing in order to sell it, but once you find your people, you will have loyal fans for life. 




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