The Artist Roadmap

Run Your Own Race


I'm a keen runner and recently did a 10km race which I have taken part in several times. However, this time was different. I found my ideal pace early on and stuck to it throughout. I was less bothered about my overall time and as a result, enjoyed it more. When you take part in a race with thousands of people, there are always going to be runners who are faster than you, and those who are slower than you. 

Mindset plays a part here, as it can quickly feel overwhelming when people pass you at a greater speed and make it look easy. The thing to remember here is they have probably been running a lot longer than you (don't compare your chapter one to someone else's chapter twenty), or they run a lot more often than you. 

But then there are people who you pass, who look like they are struggling, and that's a good time to offer some encouragement and a 'keep going!'.

If you can block out what others are doing around you, and concentrate on your own race, it becomes a lot more enjoyable. You are only racing against your self in the end, and aiming to do your best. Take time to be present and enjoy the process.

When it comes to working as an artist, it can be an easy trap to fall into comparing yourself to others. Remember, there will always be people who are further ahead than you, but only because they have been doing it for longer.

Compare your work only to the work you did yesterday, last week, six months ago and a year ago.

Enjoy seeing your work develop and don't focus on the outcome while you are doing it. Remember to enjoy it and run your own race.

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