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Social Media Planning For Artists

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Social Media Planning


There's no doubt about it, social media can be a huge asset to your business. However, it does take time, and often time most artists would prefer to spend in the studio. But there are ways to plan and schedule your content in advance, so that it doesn't cut into your day and you can spend your time doing what you like doing best - making art!

Follow these tips in getting set up, and you'll be ready to start sharing your art with the world consistently and easily.


What type of content are you going to share with your audience, and how often? Once you know the answers to these, start collecting images and videos in a folder on your phone. Having a stock of suitable images ready to go means you never have to scramble to find something to post.


This is a great way to create all of your posts in one go. Rather than creating your posts on the fly, which takes time, put aside a few hours once a week or once a month, and create a folder of posts. You get into the flow of creation when you work like this, and once it's done, it's done!


Having multiple accounts, platforms, groups and pages can quickly get overwhelming. There are some amazing scheduling tools out there, depending on your needs, and you can fill a month's worth of content (or more!) and not have to think about it for four weeks. Of course you still need to reply to comments and engage with others, but that's the fun part. I am trying out Buffer at the moment and so far so good.

You can post content directly to Facebook and Instagram using Facebook Creator Studio (free - you can find it in publishing tools), and you can also now schedule from the paid version of Canva. Most offer a free version to try and who knows, they might save you a lot of time!


Keep these points in mind for optimum success:

Images: First and foremost, always, always, always post high-quality photos. That includes good composition, lighting, cropping, etc. Use filters very carefully and sparingly when it comes to posting pictures of your artwork. People will not stick around if your images aren’t up to scratch.

Username: Use your art business name, if it’s available so that it’s consistent with the rest of your online presence. Typically it will be your full name with a keyword like “art” attached. Remember, you want it to be as easy as possible for people to find your account.

Bio: Keep it short, sweet, and attention-grabbing. Make it extremely clear what sort of value people will get from following you. Use keywords that your audience would search for in the description.

Privacy Settings: If you are using your account to promote your art business, it should not be private! Otherwise, there’s no point wasting time on social media.

When people come to your page, having these bases covered will help ensure they stick around. Okay, now you are ready to post a photo of your art!





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