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As an artist, you might be feeling apprehensive about what the next few months hold in terms of sales. I know I am, however, I make sure I do something small each day to move my business in the right direction. This could be creating new art, updating my website, writing a blog or sharing my art on social media. All these things help keep you in the minds of your ideal customers.

If your work relies heavily on tourism, as ours does here in Tasmania, now's the time to think about how you could pivot to attract and appeal to a more local audience. With international travel still a way off, we are all going to be staying closer to home, and this will affect our customers.

Marketing your work with the message to 'support local artists' will resonate with many, I believe, and people will be happy to support you if they can. What can you make to celebrate the beautiful area you live in?

Is there a way you could customise your products as a beautiful gift idea? If you are a landscape painter, what would appeal to the people who live near you? While tourists may only be looking for souvenirs, a local market may want to send gifts overseas to loved ones, or fill their homes with photographs or paintings of the area in which they live.

Take some time to think about how you can make this work for you and your work. I'm sure there will be many people out there who are happy to support you. It's your job to find them!






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