The Best Thing About Being An Artist

Is seeing the joy your work brings to other people.

Art is a powerful thing. It can trigger emotions, bring back memories and lift someone's spirits if they are having a hard day. That is some powerful stuff.

The world needs art right now, so it is more important than ever to be generous with your art. Share your work with the people who need it most; you are doing them a disservice by keeping it to yourself.

Let them have the joy of paying for something that lights them up, that makes them happy and let them feel good for supporting an artist at the same time.

We are all spending more time at home than ever before, so what we put on our walls, desks and bookcases is more important than ever. Fill your home with colour and objects of beauty, cover your walls with paintings or prints that make you smile, feel happy and relaxed, and let art do its job.

As an independent artist, you get to experience the best thing about being an artist. You get to meet the people who buy your work and you get to hear how much it means to them. This is gold, and keeps you going through the hard times.

If you are going to be an independent artist, then you will need some simple business tools to help you succeed. Look no further than This Business of Art. We now have a large online resource library which you can get a subscription to for only $29 a month. It is made especially for artists, and you can go in whenever you want and take what you need. You can learn more about it below:


Share your art and make someone smile today!





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