The Power of Gift Vouchers


You may have noticed that a lot of artists are offering gift vouchers at the moment. While customers are a bit thin on the ground due to COVID, this can be an excellent way to get some revenue into your business while things are quiet.

People are still needing to buy birthday gifts for one another, and people also want to support local artists and makers. It's a win-win situation! Have a think about how you could incorporate this into your business if the idea appeals to you.

You can create a gift voucher in Canva with a specific number attached, and deliver it digitally to your customers. Otherwise you could get something printed and send it out, although the mail is a little slow at the moment. 

Canva has some amazing templates that you can customise with your brand colours, fonts and of course, your beautiful artwork. Make sure you keep a record of your numbers, customers and sales, and remember to include a expiry date - say Christmas 2020.

You can create different price points - $50, $100, $200 - depending on your work and what fits best with your pricing structure.

Let people support you during this time and keep that cashflow ticking over!




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