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What to ask a potential new gallery

Gallery space

If you are at the stage where you are looking for a gallery, either to exhibit your work or represent you as an artist, it is important to research them beforehand. Knowing the ins and outs of how a gallery operates, as well as how they work with artists, will help you to find the right gallery to work with. Knowing more information upfront ensures a smoother relationship down the road. 


Here are a few questions to consider when researching potential galleries:

  • What is the gallery’s strategy for marketing artwork?
  • What audience does this gallery gear their art towards?
  • What are the price ranges for art within the gallery, how do your works and prices fit?
  • Is there a gallery policy on discounts?
  • Will the gallery provide artists with information about who purchases the work?
  • What is the display methodology? How often does the gallery put artists in shows and solo shows?
  • What kind of recognition does this gallery have? How often are the shows reviewed in local or national press?
  • Does the gallery participate at art fairs?
  • How many of your artworks would the gallery want?
  • What is the gallery’s consignment period?
  • What is their shipping policy?
  • Does the gallery require regional exclusivity?
  • How long does it generally take for artists who are new to the gallery to start selling?
  • What is a typical artist contract like?
  • What is the gallery’s insurance policy for covering artwork?
  • What percentage commission does the gallery charge?


A good idea is to contact other artists who work with the gallery and ask them what their experience has been like. You can do this over social media, and most would be happy to help. A gallery has to be the right fit for you as an artist as well as them, so it's worth taking time to find the right one.

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