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Why Artists Need To Be Resilient

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I believe that resilience and grit are two of the most important skills we need as artists. Even more important than talent for some! There are a lot of talented artists out there who get knocked back or rejected a few times and give up. Don't let that be you. Success comes from learning how to handle rejection, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going! These are the artists who succeed in this industry.

We are all human and it does hurt the first time someone says no to you or your work. I've been there and it stings at first, but what this really means is 'not now'. I let these early rejections make me more determined to succeed. I worked hard, developed my skills and tried again in a year, sometimes two. It often resulted in success.

Resilience is a good skill to have, and always remember the big picture and your vision as an artist. Why you are doing this, and how much you are enjoying the journey you are on.

It's been a tough time for most of us in the creative industry, and many artists find themselves working alone with no certainty of what will happen.

However, some of the skills we have as artists can help get us through this together.

  • We are used to an inconsistent income and little job security.
  • We are used to handling financial stress.
  • We often work along, so can continue to work and be COVID safe.
  • We can work from anywhere, so we can move our work home.
  • We can sell our work online and reach a global market.
  • We are flexible and can find helpful ways to use our art in society.
  • We can use our creativity to pivot our businesses and find new markets.

Use your art to make someone smile today. If you throw that kind of goodness out into the world, then karma will come and find you soon to say thanks.

Keep going, you'll come out of this stronger. 





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