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Why You Need A Website

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In a nutshell, you need a website because you don't own your social media platforms.

An artist website is a place where people go to learn more about you and your work. It is your digital shop front, a place to display your best work and share your achievements, then make it easy for people to contact you and subscribe to your email list.

Nowadays on social media, only a tiny fraction of your followers see your posts. Organic reach is not what it once was, and you have to pay to play. Facebook make their money out of advertising, so they make it difficult for your posts to get seen unless you pay for ads.

"When you build your web presence on rented property, the landlord can up the rent at any time."

We may spend years posting consistently and building up a big following on Facebook and Instagram, however, we don't own these connections and could lose them at any time. This is why an email list is so valuable and an asset to any business.

Email remains a significantly effective way to acquire customers than social media.

While social media is awesome and should be part of your marketing strategy, one of the biggest mistakes I see is when artists go all in on it and neglect building their business on a more solid foundation such as a website and email list.

It can make you vulnerable, as when those platforms take a turn, which they all do, there's nothing you can do about it. It could even put you out of business.

The key function of your website is to get people onto your email list, where you can nurture your relationship with them. Avoid other distractions on your website, such as links pointing them to your social media, and keep it clean and simple.

This is a place for them to learn more about you, and see your best work, sign up to your email list or get in contact with you.

So make sure you have a website, and make sure you can edit it easily on your own. It doesn't have to be expensive these days. I recommend Wix or Squarespace, which are great platforms, even for those without experience. They make it easy and fast to get set up and start building your online home.

Customers expect artists to have a website and see them as professional.




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