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Why You Should Invest In Your Business

Laptop and Pencils

Investing in your art business is a crucial part of growth! Investing in yourself tells me that you are thinking about your business long term. I firmly believe that if you take the time to learn about the basics business and apply the principles, you will supercharge your productivity and success.

It took me too long to take my business seriously and begin investing in it. You do not need a lot of money to get started, but if you want other people to take your business seriously, you need to take yourself seriously. Upgrading your camera, editing software, subscriptions, apps, and website can make leaps and bounds in your art business. 

If you are looking to make some basic business investments I suggest the following:


  • Macbook Pro. I used an old PC for the first three years of working on my business. It was so slow and did not have the ability to edit photos easily or share across devices. When I finally made the decision to upgrade my laptop, it was a game changer, and I was able to get so much more done.


  • Camera. Either a high resolution camera, or a smart phone with a good camera is fine these days. I used an older camera to begin with and it got the job done, but once I upgraded my camera, my photos were taken to the next level. You do not need a fancy camera to get started, but this drastically improved my images and ultimately grew my audience. 


  • Editing. I use a free app called Instasize on my phone. I edit all my photos of my art here, make short videos and add borders for my Instagram artist profile. This change was huge for me because it allowed me to improve my photography skills and made my photos eye catching and beautiful. 


  • Instagram apps. There are many to choose from and most have free plans which may be all you need. Check out Buffer, UNUM, Later and Unfold.


  • Canva. Canva has made me feel confident in creating graphics for my business! Even if you have zero graphic design skills, Canva makes it easy to make amazing graphics. I use this to make my social media posts, artist statements, invoices, receipts, website graphics, and promotional materials. There is both a desktop and mobile version of this program, but I prefer desktop. They have both a free version and a paid version. The free version is absolutely fine to start with and may be all you need.


  • Website. Investing in a website platform such as Wix or Squarespace, and buying your own domain makes a huge difference. I believe that every artist should have their own website where they can share useful information, links to their social channels and ultimately sell their own artwork. 


  • Education. Invest your time (and money) in educating yourself! I still dedicate time every week to learn about business. Always be teachable and never stop learning. Retake your courses often and apply what you learn. There are many business related podcasts out there now. And of course the Create Membership Academy from This Business of Art!




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