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How To Set Up Instagram Shopping social media

Have you seen those posts on Instagram with little tags attached to them? Click on the tag and you will be shown the name of the product and price, more information, and a direct link to go and buy it. It's fun to use and dangerously easy to shop on Instagram these days!

But what does this mean for artists? Well, it makes selling your work on Instagram even easier which is exciting! I have just added Instagram Shopping to my own art business account, so I will give you a basic overview of what is involved in setting it up. If you are more of a visual learner, there are some great videos on You Tube on how to get started. 



  • A business Instagram account. You probably already have this and can check what account you have in your IG settings.
  • A Facebook...
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Instagram Secrets for Artists social media

This month, I have been putting together an Instagram Masterclass for our Create members, and it has got me thinking about how amazing it is been for my art business.

The format lends itself to artists, being a visual platform, and we as artists can stand out from the crowd with our unique content and artwork.

We can share our finished pieces, work in progress, behind the scenes, studio shots, art quotes, art materials and places of inspiration. Plus photos or videos of ourselves working are always a winner!

There are many rules and guidelines about what we should post, how often we should post and at what time of day, whether we should use schedulers or not, but I think it comes down to trail and error, testing your own audience and finding out what works for you.

I have found that...

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Social Media Planning For Artists social media


There's no doubt about it, social media can be a huge asset to your business. However, it does take time, and often time most artists would prefer to spend in the studio. But there are ways to plan and schedule your content in advance, so that it doesn't cut into your day and you can spend your time doing what you like doing best - making art!

Follow these tips in getting set up, and you'll be ready to start sharing your art with the world consistently and easily.


What type of content are you going to share with your audience, and how often? Once you know the answers to these, start collecting images and videos in a folder on your phone. Having a stock of suitable images ready to go means you never have to scramble to find something to post.


This is a great way...

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What To Post On Social Media social media
We, as artists, have an advantage when it comes to social media. We have lots of unique content to share with our audience, content that is going to stand out from the crowd. When we project a clear message about who we are and what we are doing as an artist, it is easy to attract the right audience who is going to love everything we do. Communicate clearly what your vision is on your profile, and what it is you make. Choose specific hashtags to describe your work, and share it consistently.
Do you ever get stuck wondering what to post on social media? Here are fifteen types of posts artists can share:
  1. Creative quotes
  2. Testimonials
  3. Personal life
  4. Tip quotes
  5. How to videos
  6. Product images
  7. Work in progress
  8. Behind the scenes
  9. Questions
  10. Affirmations
  11. Stories
  12. Funny...
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Let Your Instagram Shine social media

We all use social media in our personal lives, however using it for business can involve knowing some different tricks to help us reach potential new customers and share insight, and let our businesses shine.



Knowing your audience will determine how you’ll personalise pretty much every element of your social media plan. It’s useful to think about your audience as actual people you might interact with, in the real world. Jot notes down on age, location, and interest demographics of the people you’ll be targeting with your social media posts. 

Feel free to make a few audience profiles, but it’s in your best interests to have them have foundational similarities so that you can market to a consistent audience. Keep your core...

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Pinterest for Artists social media

As an artist, you may already be using Pinterest for ideas and personal use, but have you thought about using it to grow your art business?


It means making a few minor tweaks here and there (and you can keep all of your personal boards - just switch them to secret boards).


Despite what a lot of people think, Pinterest is not a social media platform. It is in fact, a search engine. Just like our friend Google. People use Pinterest specifically to find stuff and get inspired, whereas people use Facebook and Instagram to connect with their friends and family.


Pinterest can be a very powerful tool to drive traffic to your artist website. It can even be a part of your marketing strategy. While there is an option to pay for ads on Pinterest, there's a lot you can do for...

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