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Why Artists Should Blog marketing start up

We’ve heard that all businesses should be blogging, and it is especially useful for creative businesses. Recording your artistic journey is not only interesting to your audience, but can help track your development and increase your exposure at the same time.


Bring traffic to your website

If you’re trying to create, market, and sell your work from your website, you need traffic coming to your website. One of the best ways you can bring in traffic is through a blog. When you have content that provides value to your ideal customers, lives forever on your site, and is always accessible, you’ve got the right mix of ingredients to keep people on your site. If they like what they read (and let’s hope they do!), they will want to stay on your site longer,...

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Buy The Best Art Supplies You Can Afford mindset start up

My advice to artists starting out is to always buy the best art supplies you can afford. Someone once told me that, and ever since, my materials have improved as my income has grown. I didn't need the best paints or linen canvases when I was just beginning and going through my 'experimental' phase, but as my work started to sell, I upped my game and invested in both myself and my materials.

I have learnt the hard way a couple of times, when canvases started to warp or unravel in places, work got damaged and paint didn't do what I wanted it to. But I did learn from these mistakes and as soon as I could afford to buy better, I did.

While I was at art school, practicing art was the most important focus, so we painted on anything we could find. I remember there was nothing more exciting...

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How To Work Out Your Expenses sales start up

Put simply, everything you spend money on for your art business is an expense. It’s important to keep track of all these items in order to make informed decisions so that you can get a clear picture of how much you are actually generating from your business. 

It also takes some of the emotion out of pricing your art. Knowing how much each artwork cost to produce helps you price each piece from a more objective perspective. It can also help you stand firm on your pricing in the face of a price negotiator and see ways in which you can cut back on costs. 

And perhaps most importantly, knowing your expenses can help you better predict for the future of your art business. As artists, we don’t rely on a steady pay check. There are busy months, then months that see just a...

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Why You Need A Website marketing start up

In a nutshell, you need a website because you don't own your social media platforms.

An artist website is a place where people go to learn more about you and your work. It is your digital shop front, a place to display your best work and share your achievements, then make it easy for people to contact you and subscribe to your email list.

Nowadays on social media, only a tiny fraction of your followers see your posts. Organic reach is not what it once was, and you have to pay to play. Facebook make their money out of advertising, so they make it difficult for your posts to get seen unless you pay for ads.

"When you build your web presence on rented property, the landlord can up the rent at any time."

We may spend years posting consistently and building up a big following on Facebook and...

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Are You Passionate About Your Art? mindset start up

Making art is a different experience for every artist, and we all make art for different reasons. For some, it is a hobby. A way to unwind at the weekend after a busy week at work. Some turn that hobby into a side business, which brings in a bit of money to top up their main income.

Others know they want to make a career out of their art, and do it full-time if they can. It then becomes a business, and some business skills need to be acquired in order to make this happen. A healthy mixture of passion and obsession goes into making this a reality, for those artists who want it badly enough.

I am one of those artists. While I had other jobs and passions along the way, if I am true to myself, I can see that it was always art in my heart. I did well at school in most academic subjects -...

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How To Plan Your Art Business start up

Most business training will tell you to follow a certain framework in order to reach success. I thought about this framework, and whether I'd subconsciously been following it to create my art business. In some ways, yes, however art is a slightly different kind of business (it involves more emotion for a start), so I adapted it slightly to make it easier and more relatable for artists.

Here is my framework:

  • Create your vision, get clear on what you want to achieve and what success means to you.
  • Create a plan around what you are going to make and sell.
  • Work out who is going to want to buy it (your target market or ideal customer).
  • Set up your profiles and platforms - website and social media.
  • Share engaging content regularly around your art.
  • Start building an email list. MailChimp is a...
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Business Skills for Artists start up

As an artist, have you considered what business skills might be useful to you? Perhaps you learn them as you go along, as I did for many years.

Becoming aware of what skills can support you in your business, can help you identify areas of strengths and weaknesses, and discover what you enjoy doing (along with what you don't enjoy). Some things can be outsourced at a later date, or you can dive in and learn how to do it yourself!

Here are a few areas you need to be aware of if you have an art business:

  • Marketing - how to get your work in front of the right people.
  • Social Media - how to increase your exposure by sharing your work.
  • Building an audience - how to grow an email list and community.
  • Bookkeeping - having a system in place to record your income and expenses.
  • Customer service -...
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